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Privacy Consulting

Provincial Government sector

Our team collaborated with the Provincial Government sector, pinpointing sensitive data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), banking details, and PCI. We created and implemented strong privacy and security controls, including developing detailed data flow diagrams to ensure a clear understanding of data dynamics and security measures.


In the ever-changing sector of transportation, We concluded Privacy Impact Assessments to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and privacy concerns. Our team not only explained the results of these assessments but also provided strategic guidance on necessary steps for businesses to address findings and recommendations. Collaboration with the Privacy Team and adherence to the directives of the Ontario Privacy Commissioner’s Office were key components of our successful projects.

Digital Marketing

We designed and delivered privacy awareness training programs for our clients. Our tailored solutions helped companies to build the culture of responsible data management. 

IT Training Company

We developed and delivered tailor privacy awareness training programs for IT training companies, addressing client needs and empowering individuals to navigate privacy complexities in the evolving tech landscape.