Privacy Consulting

Privacy legislation is changing around the world. Do you know what these changes mean to your business?

Are you unsure of how to sift through and identify which laws are applicable to your business?

Our Privacy experts work with your business to identify which legislation is applicable and what you need to consider as your business grows into existing and new markets.

Don’t have the resources to keep on top of your privacy obligations?

Contact us and see how we can make this easier for you.

Areas of Expertise

Privacy Impact Assessments

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) lets your business get an understanding on where and how customer and/or HR data is used by your business. This assessment identifies gaps and provides recommendations for remediation to ensure compliance with applicable privacy regulations.

Privacy by Design (PbD)

Adopted globally as a foundation of a sound privacy program and as a component of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

PbD identifies seven principles for incorporating privacy into your business solutions, product designs and engineering phases.


European Union privacy regulation compliance. Our experts can work with you to understand your data flows, perform a risk analysis, understand what/how data transfers can be implemented to be in compliance with the regulation.

Privacy Consulting

Privacy program creation and prioritization of business processes.